Golf in Italy

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The offer of Italian golf is now open to the world market of tourism. It is the first time that we propose our vast choice of golf courses to lovers of Italy. It is the first time that we invite golfers throughout the world to play on your greens.

Italy is already the mosst desired and dreamed of tourist destination, and beside our wonderful cities of art, beaches, mountains, hills, and lakes there are 224 courses ready to accommodate even the most exacting golfer and tourist.

The majority of our club, here presented offers splendid close at hand, associated member facilities, freeing players from exhausting queues at the first tee, they are open throughout the tourist season and with the unbeatable weather allow a pleasant game all year round.

From the northern Alps to the southern saas, from our most famous lakes to the largest and smallest art cities, the offer of Italian golf completes an unsurpassable holiday in Italy.

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